Wheeled loaders are four-wheel drive front-loading machines that are used for moving earth and other heavy materials. If you do not have one on your construction sites, there are some very good reasons why you should consider hiring one today.

Heavy loads

The first thing to bear in mind is that these machines are designed to carry much heavier loads than conventional diggers. There are several ways in which they do this. Firstly, the bucket is much larger than on other machines. Secondly, the axles on the machine are designed to be able to bear a heavier load than other machines. Thirdly, wheeled loaders have more lifting functions than an excavator, which allows them to lift and carry loads that would otherwise not be possible. These aspects add up to a more powerful and sturdy machine that should be able to cope with whatever load to use.

Time savings

The fact that a wheeled loader can carry more than a digger means that there are huge time savings to be made by hiring one. Larger loads mean fewer loads, and materials can be moved from one place to another much more quickly, even when the ground is uneven. Time is money in a construction project, so the more time that can be saved in moving materials, the more cost savings can be made in the overall budget.

Workforce safety

A third important point is the safety of your workers. Lifting and carrying heavy loads is a common cause of injury and pain, so you should keep manual lifting to a minimum in order to avoid these injuries. Hiring a wheeled loader is a great way to keep the workforce safe as it means that the machine will do all the lifting and carrying, leaving your workers free to carry out less dangerous jobs.

Simple operation

Finally, wheeled loaders are very simple machines to use. They only need a single operator to work the controls, which are very easy to understand. You will need to make sure that the operator is trained and experienced in their use, but you will then only need a single worker to carry out the task of moving large amounts around your site.

Wheeled loader hire is a simple solution to cover all your needs when it comes to moving heavy objects around a construction site.

For more information about wheeled loaders, contact a local company.