Mulch is a great addition to any commercial property. It can be used in play areas, around buildings and even in gardens. It's a versatile substance that should be used by every business owner. Mulching involves the application of organic matter over soil to increase its fertility. The benefits of mulching are numerous, and when done on a commercial level, they prove to be quite beneficial. Here are some of the top five benefits of commercial mulching.

1. Mulching Is Great For The Environment

Mulch is made up of organic materials that help protect the soil beneath it. This means it helps keep soil that might otherwise have been washed away safe. Mulch also helps keep the soil moist so it doesn't dry out and become dusty. The nice thing about mulch is that as it breaks down, it adds nutrients to the soil which in turn helps plants grow better.

2. Mulching Can Help Prevent Weeds

Weeds can be a big problem for businesses. They take over quickly and make commercial areas look unsightly and unkempt. They can even make people think twice about shopping at a store because they may not want to deal with weeds all around them as they go in and out of the building. Mulching can actually help prevent weeds from growing by keeping sunlight from reaching their roots. This means there's less chance of weeds popping up between plants or on walkways where people are walking by all day long.

3. Mulching Protects Against Erosion

Mulch can also be useful for protecting against erosion — something that can be important in areas where there is heavy rain or wind. This is especially true if your business is located in an area where there are steep slopes on buildings or hillside buildings like those found in a college, library or old historical buildings. 

4. Mulch Provides Much Needed Nutrients 

Mulch provides nutrients for plants. It releases nitrogen into the soil as it decomposes which is necessary for growing plants and vegetation. A lack of nitrogen in the soil can be one of the reasons why some trees die or become sickly-looking. 

5. Mulching Enhances Water Retention

Water is essential for plants and crops to grow but too much water can cause them damage and even kill them. When a layer of mulch is added on top of the soil surface, the plants will get enough water to thrive but not too much that will cause damage. This is because the organic material reduces evaporation from the soil.

Mulch allows water to penetrate into the soil at a slower rate, which means it stays in the soil for longer periods of time. This not only helps keep your plants hydrated during dry weather, but it also prevents soil from washing away during heavy rains or flooding.

When you're looking for a way to keep your lawn beautiful, it's important to consider mulching. Mulch is a natural product that can help your commercial property look great, and it also helps the environment. For more information on mulching, chat with a friendly member of staff today.

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