Almost every construction project will need some help with the heavy lifting that is necessary to complete most buildings. Cranes are the best and most reliable way to do these tasks well, but how does one go about getting the right cranes and crew that know how to work them? If this is one of your first building sites or it is your property then you might not know what to do, which is understandable. Luckily, there is a whole industry that has cropped up to deal with cranes and their tangential needs: rigging services.

What Are Rigging Services?

Rigging services is a broad term for companies that lease out and work on cranes. While you might think this is a pretty niche industry for whole companies to focus on, there is a lot that goes into working with cranes. Not only is it very specialised work, but whenever you are dealing with heavy loads and understanding the physics behind it, you are going to need highly qualified professionals. That is what rigging services provide, and often, they provide the equipment too. It also makes it easier for construction companies because they can just subcontract the work out and focus on their specialities

What If I Only Need A Small Crane?

Not every construction project is a huge skyscraper and rigging services cater to all types. On the smaller end of the spectrum are mobile crane hire options that can still lift tonnes of material but can also be easily assembled. Mobile crane hire is also far cheaper than large, free-standing crane operations, which makes it an attractive choice for commercial and residential properties. Sometimes larger construction projects will actually use multiple mobile crane hire contractors so they can do all the little work onsite while the large freestanding cranes do the work that is higher up. 

Can't I Just Use A Crane On My Own?

You can rent cranes on your own but often the added work is not worth the money saved. For example, rigging services also provide the following:

  • Heritage work licences; if you are doing work on an old building, this could be very important.
  • Better coordination with the installation of plumbing, industrial units, large items, etc.
  • Years of experience with the exact cranes you will be using.
  • Quicker set up and pack down.

While you may save a couple of bucks by doing this all on your own, it really is not worth the risk of a drop in quality. Get some rigging services on your side and do the best job you can with less to worry about while you are completing it.