Trench shoring is a vital safety precaution that anybody working in trenches must observe. It is achieved by using trench boxes that help to keep workers safe below the ground. Therefore, investing in a trench box is essential for a startup underground wire repair company. However, it is not enough to approach a manufacturer and have them deliver just any trench box. Most importantly, get a quality trench box that meets your trench safety requirements. Read on to gain an understanding of what you need to look out for in a premium quality trench box.

Fast Assembly

When preparing for trench excavation, it is crucial for the project to be conducted within a specified period. Trench boxes can help you to achieve such objectives, but only if the boxes are easy to assemble. If your workers are going to spend 30 minutes setting up a trench box, then you are hurting the overall productivity of your firm. Besides, the last thing you want is a team that sulks every time the trench box needs to be assembled. The easier it is to join a trench box, the shorter the time it will take to conduct underground cable repairs.

Quality of Material

Trench boxes can either be made from steel or aluminium. Therefore, it is essential to know which material is best for which situations. For example, the type of ground that a project sits on determines the kind of trench box to use. If the ground is stony, then you need a trench box that can withstand the pressure of big underground boulders. A trench box that is made of steel is the ideal choice for such project sites. If you use an aluminium trench box, then the walls will not shore stony trench walls adequately. Aluminium trench boxes are the best in project sites where the ground is predominantly sandy.

Drainage System

Working in trenches during wet weather can be frustrating especially if you do not have the right equipment. Without the right accessories, ground rainwater will flow into the trench box and make working conditions difficult for employees. Some of the latest trench boxes are equipped with drainage systems that keep out as much rainwater possible. When shopping for trench shoring equipment, make sure that they do have drainage add-ons installed. You might not use the accessory right now, but you will need it when shoring trenches in wet weather.  

To learn more about trench boxes and the trench shoring equipment needed to construct them, contact a construction company near you.