Need to remove a wall? Luckily, if it's not load bearing and it doesn't have any wires or pipes in it, you can remove it yourself. Here's what you need for this residential demolition project.

1. Lead Tester

Before you start demolishing the wall, you should ensure that it doesn't have any lead paint. Typically, this is only a risk in very old buildings that have not been painted in a long while. If you find lead, contact a professional. This is extremely dangerous to breathe in while doing demolition work or anything else. If possible, you should also make sure that there is no asbestos insulation in the wall.

2. Stud Finder

Take some time to identify your studs. To use a stud finder, you simply place this little device flush with the wall and run it back and forth. It will beep or flash when you are at a stud.

3. Marker

Once you find the studs, outline them with a black permanent marker. Make sure to outline both ends of the stud so that you know where the wood is. This step can save you from injuries because it helps to ensure that you don't hit the studs. If you hit a stud at full force with a sledgehammer, the impact can hurt you or potentially throw you backward onto the floor.

4. Utility Knife

This small tool may seem like it's not suited to demolition work, but it can help a lot if you're just removing part of a wall. To get started, decide which part of the wall you want to demolish. Then, score that area with your utility knife. Eventually, when you start hitting the wall, the scoring will help to ensure that the pieces come off evenly.

5. Small Sledgehammer

Whether you're removing a whole wall or just a portion, you can take out a lot of the gypsum by hitting it with a sledgehammer. If you don't have one on hand, you can simply use a hammer. This is the fun part of the demolition work. You just get to hit the wall until it comes down.

6. Respirator

As you demolish your wall, you're going to kick up a lot of dust. Inhaling dust can be annoying, and it can also lead to long-term pulmonary issues. To protect yourself, you should use a respirator. This is especially important if you are dealing with a building that has been infested and may have rat or termite droppings in the wall.

To get help with this process, contact a company that specialises in residential demolition, such as Demoworks