You can get value for the money that you spend hiring excavator equipment if each of your decisions is based on accurate information. The considerations below can help you during the selection process when you go to an equipment hire yard.


You should only select an excavator after deciding how deep you want to dig. Excavators vary in terms of the depth to which they can operate. For example, different mini-excavators can be used by people who want to make holes for fence posts and those who wish to dig deeper trenches for making drainage channels.

Weight and Track Type

You may also wish to keep the weight of the excavator in mind when you are selecting one from those available for hire. Heavier excavators may not be appropriate in case you want to limit the damage that can be caused to your landscaping as that equipment is being moved on your property. The type of tracks can also have an impact upon the damage that may be caused as an excavator is working on your property. For instance, steel tracks will do more damage than rubber tracks can.

Arm Length

Think about how high or how far you want the excavator to reach vertically or horizontally. Longer arms are ideal in case the excavator will be loading the excavation debris onto a truck. Select an excavator with arms that are long enough for you to attain your lifting objectives.

Offset Digging

Some excavators can only dig in front of the cab. Others can have the boom moved so that the machine can dig beside the excavator tracks instead of in front of them. This offset digging ability can be instrumental in case you are working in a confined space that cannot allow the excavator to operate in the normal way (digging in front of the tracks).


An excavator can often be as good as the attachments that it can accommodate. What specific tasks do you wish to perform? Select an excavator that has attachments which can perform those tasks. For example, get an excavator that comes with bulldozer blades in case you want to backfill any trenches that you dig. Breakers, augers, compactors and other attachments can increase the usability of any excavator.

You will select the most appropriate excavator for your project if you use the suggestions above to evaluate each of the excavators available. That systematic approach will help you to avoid spending more money than you need to spend on excavator hire.