If you own a manufacturing business, then you know the importance of your staff having the proper certifications and licensing. This is especially true for your warehouse staff. One of the licenses some of your warehouse staff will need is elevating work platform, or EWP licensing. There are a few options you need to consider for your employees obtaining this licensing and how it will affect your current manufacturing workloads and schedules, such as:

Hiring Considerations

Though you know, you will need to have time allotted for current EWP licensed staff when refreshers and relicensing arise, you may want to consider your new hires as well. Keep in mind, when you have someone seeking a new EWP license, you will be losing them from the workforce for those training courses.

This could be for one day, a week, or several weekends if they are only taking a few hours of training at a time. This could mean downtime for your department, as well as a cost to you for the training. Instead, consider if it is more ideal to hire from an EWP licensed pool of recent graduates. The training schools may have a list of available candidates that meet the licensing requirements you need and cut down on the time you spend sifting through applicants.

Paying for Licensing

Most refresher EWP licensing courses are held on the weekends for one to two days. This depends greatly on the length of time each class is held. Some may opt for a full day while others go for two half days. You can opt to pay for the licensing itself, give the day as a paid day off and leave the training fees up to the employee, or pay for the day as well as associated fees. This is something you will want to decide before you take on EWP licensing requirements. It is also something you will want to make clear in the employee handbook and contract.

Verification Records

Though the license is enough for some businesses, you may find that having a proof of verification for the employee is best for your needs. The verification will show that the employee took the training course or refresher. It will also show the date and if licensing was given. It may also show the license number and who gave the course training. This can be delivered to you on-site and be filed with your human resource staff.

These are just a few of the considerations to keep in mind when it comes to EWP training and licensing. If you are uncertain of how to schedule your staff and work around various availability dates, consider coordinating with your administration team or your human resource representative to work out a suitable plan.