ISRI seats are top quality seats that have been specifically designed to deal with the issues that construction drivers experience every now and then. They comply with earth moving standards to ensure that the drivers using the seats are able to perform at optimum levels. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider installing ISRI seats in your construction trucks.

Vibration and Shock Protection

The ISRI's new suspension seats, for example, have the ability to absorb large amounts of shocks and even vibrations. The construction business is a heavy duty job, and thus, most of the drivers working in construction sites experience these shocks on a daily basis. Experience them too much and you will start developing some health issues. Luckily, ISRI seats can take care of this problem and enable drivers to go that extra mile.

Highly Durable and Stable

ISRI seats are highly durable and stable due to the fact that a lot of research and development has gone into improving the mechanisms of the seats. They now have fewer moving parts, a safer airline system, and the suspension structures have been enforced to offer more stability when driving.

Great Comfort

ISRI seats, above all else, provide great comfort to truck drivers and ensure that they can even work over hours without necessarily becoming fatigued the next day. The trick here is in the design of the seats. The seats posses ergonomically designed cushions for enhanced comfort. As if that's not enough, they have a lumbar support system that reduces the strain on one's back when seated in a particular position for extended hours. Additionally, the 180-degree swivel coupled with a front and rear cushion incline put you in charge of your own comfort.

Makes Driving an Enjoyable Experience

ISRI's new generation of modified seats will definitely make your driving experience worthwhile. The premium seats have an automatic height adjustment lever, quick air release, a heating system, seat frame angle adjustment, a nice leather trim, and two-chamber back support system. All these systems, when integrated together, will mean a more relaxing and comforting time behind the wheel. This ought to increase your driver's productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Smoother Operations

Improvements that have been made in the field of greater load capacity are tremendous. These improvements have enabled smoother operations to be carried out, especially in the heavy construction industry. Load capabilities have been increased, and seats can now carry up to 150kgs of weight without any stress.