Earthmoving equipment can come with a high cost for upkeep and operation, especially if you are a smaller contracting firm that needs the equipment for a few projects a year. This usually leaves companies like yours considering the option of using an earthmoving equipment hire. Before you choose the equipment, and sign the hire contract, there are a few things you should know.

Damage and Repair

The first key point that you need to know before signing the hire contract for earthmoving equipment is what will happen in case of damage and repair. Keep in mind, with earthmoving supplies this can be very detailed due to all of the speciality parts and functions of each piece of equipment. For example, damage to the motor may be covered, but damage to other areas of the earthmoving equipment may not be and may be seen as something you will have to cover. This is especially true if they have an at fault clause that does not cover any repair or damage to equipment where the damage was due to your fault or neglect. Make sure before you sign the hire contract that you understand this section of the contract and know exactly what will be covered and what is your issue to cover.

Delivery, Pick-up, and Other Fees

You may think to ask about any delivery options and the fees associated with them. You may also think about the pick-up fees if any are related. What you may not always think of are the other fees that can accumulate over the course of your hire contract. These fees may include repair fees, damage fees, and late fees. There may also be fees specific to earthmoving equipment such as specialty cleaning fees and upkeep fees. Make sure that you check on the fee schedule before signing the hire contract. Keep in mind that though extra fees will generally be present, earthmoving equipment will likely have more associated fees and specility fees due to the nature of the equipment.

Certifications and Permits

Most earthmoving equipment requires a special certification for operators. It may also require permits from your local muncipality in order to be used. These are two specific items you need to check before entering into a hire contract. You may find that the contract can not be done if you do not have a certified and authorized operator or the permits to even have the equipment on the worksite.

These key points that you should know before using earthmoving equipment hire are especially important if this is your first time using this hire option. If you have any questions, need a price estimate for the hire, or are unsure of special options that may be available consider discussing your situation with a hire company that deals in earthmoving equipment.