Unless you double up as a heavy machinery dealer, we can all agree that buying a new crane for your new office construction project is unnecessary. Such a decision is not only expensive, but it is unreasonable. Therefore, the best option is to hire a crane for the project. However, you should aim to save as much money as possible from the lease, and you could achieve this through smart negotiation. As such, consider the following negotiation techniques as you prepare to hire the equipment:

Start extremely low -- Compared to other types of small machinery, and depending on the duration of a project, hiring a crane is expensive. As such, it would not hurt to start your opening offer meager. After all, the worst the dealer can do is say 'no.' Starting with a small figure gives you room to negotiate a deal that you want or one that will not significantly affect your budget. The reasoning behind this strategy is that the dealer might be willing to do quick business especially if they have not had business for quite some time. However, this does not usually happen; therefore, do not be surprised if your offer is rejected.

Don't show desperation -- The first rule is that even if you need a crane the following day, do not feel rushed into taking a deal for fear of missing your deadline. Crane dealers can sense when a client is desperate, and they often use that to hike hiring rates. It does not matter whether you need the crane the same day; try to avoid rushing into agreeing on a deal at face value. If the dealer insists that other clients are willing to take the same pricing, then do not mind looking elsewhere. This strategy usually passes the pressure back to the dealer much to your advantage.

Target small dealers -- Unlike established dealers, small heavy machinery dealers are more than willing to negotiate rates with customers, especially if it's a new client. Since the primary objective of small-scale service providers is to expand operations, then getting more clients works to their advantage. Therefore, you are more likely to get a better discount on the crane from a small dealer compared to an established one. However, you should make sure that they have enough experience in the heavy equipment industry before you settle on a deal. It is risky to compromise on safety just to get a fair deal.

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