Being able to rent heavy-duty equipment and machinery such as trenchers and cranes means that you often have the pieces needed to handle your own excavating work. You may think about the money you could save on your new pool installation or the excavation needed for new plumbing pipes if you did this work on your own, but of course money shouldn't be the only factor to consider. There are many reasons why a professional earthmoving company can be a better option for certain excavating jobs at home; note a few of those reasons here.

1. Drainage

When you excavate any large amount of dirt from your property, you need to consider drainage. Removing dirt can allow for water to pool around the walls of an excavated area and in turn, put pressure on the foundation of your home or garage. It can also have the opposite effect, drying out the soil and causing erosion. A professional earthmoving company will ensure that your property has proper drainage when the dirt is excavated, either by recommending retaining walls to stop the flow of water toward the excavated area or by grading and sloping your property to protect the soil.

2. Type of excavation

You may assume that all forms of excavation are alike, but this isn't actually the case. A professional earthmoving company will know if you should use a trencher for long, shallow digs, versus a standard crane and bucket. The crane may displace more earth than needed and may be more difficult to control for shallow trenches. When digging for a new pool, you may also want to have the ground sloped so your pool has a shallow end, and the slope should move down gradually rather than simply cutting off to a deep end. A professional earthmoving company will know the various types of excavation you may need and can ensure the job gets done right and as neatly as possible.

3. Removal of earth

If you're only creating small trenches for a garden or small plumbing pipes, you may not remove much earth. However, if you're digging an excavation for a new pool or foundation for an outbuilding, you may need to arrange to have the extra dirt hauled away. Typically a professional earthmoving company will provide this service as part of their excavating so that you don't need to find a company that will handle this for you, making the entire job easier on you overall.