Pipe cutting can be tricky, especially if you try to cut a plumbing pipe. It requires skill, precision, patience, a steady hand and the right pipe cutting machines. Not everyone possesses these qualities, but this doesn't mean you have to hire an expert every time you need a pipe cut. There are some expert tricks that will make pipe cutting easier even for the most inexperienced people.

1. Prepare

Before actually starting to cut any pipes, you must fetch the necessary tools. If the pipe is a strong one, you can use a hacksaw or reciprocating saw. If it's a softer pipe, a special pipe-cutting tool would suffice. You can also buy one of those many pipe cutting machines out there if you really feel the need to ease your work. You should also have a ruler at hand.

2. Cut the pipe

First, you should do some measurements. Mark with a pencil the point of the pipe where you want to start cutting. Then all you have to do is cut carefully. If the instrument you use for the process is sharp enough, it shouldn't be too difficult to do the cutting.

If you are using a pipe-cutting tool for the job, you should know that these work by gently clamping them and rotating a round cutting blade around the pipe. For a perfect cut, it's indicated to cut a little bit at a time. After each round, the tool should be tightened in order to cut deeper until the pipe is cut. Pipe-cutting tools come in a variety of sizes and can be found at any hardware store.

There's also an old-fashioned way of cutting a pipe. That involves using a piece of wire or string instead of a saw. These should be placed under the pipe and pulled back and forth holding both ends. This method can be used when you have no room for a saw or pipe cutting machines.

Keep in mind that metal pipes are prone to crimping. To prevent this, you can introduce a dowel rod inside it, but this isn't always possible.

3. Refine

After you're done with the cutting, you may want to perfect the cut by smoothing the pipe with sandpaper or by using a deburring tool to clean it.

Pipe cutting is a task that can be performed by anyone who knows a few tricks, expert or not. But remember - take your time to get good results!