Excavating may seem like a simple job for a homeowner who wants to install an in-ground pool or dig their own well, but in truth, it's actually much more complicated than many homeowners realize. Even for small jobs such as digging trenches for new plumbing pipes or to underpin a foundation, it's always best to leave earthmoving to a professional contractor. Note why that is and why every homeowner should have this job done by a excavating or earthmoving pro:

1. Professional excavators may have a wide variety of equipment

Excavating your yard may be more complicated than just using a backhoe to dig a trench or pit. If you hit rocky soil, you may need a diamond-tipped drill to cut through. Trying to cut through rocky soil with a regular drill can mean simply breaking the equipment you're using. Similarly, if you hit very moist soil, a hydrovac may be in order; this actually vacuums the soil and all the moisture that it contains, rather than trying to dig through dirt and allowing moisture to seep out. Trying to dig through overly moist soil can see a trench or pit collapse, which not only delays the work but it can also be dangerous for workers.

Other equipment may be used to cut down on noise and vibration. This can be very important when digging near a house itself, as excessive vibration can actually cause cracks to form in the walls and ceiling and in the connectors that hold studs together. Your neighborhood may also have noise ordinances that may require you to use low-noise equipment for an excavation.

Because professional excavators and earthmovers will have access to various types of equipment, along with the know-how of when they're needed and how to use them, this can make the job quicker and even safer for you and your property.

2. Professional earthmovers can work around buried pipes and wiring

Before you dig, your city or county may send someone to mark off underground pipes or wiring. However, this doesn't mean that you'll necessarily know how to dig around them. For instance, if you pull up tree roots, you may not realize that they have wrapped themselves around pipes. A professional excavator will know how to cut roots as they're being removed so that pipes and wires aren't disturbed. They may also know how to relocate underground cables and wiring so that they are not disturbed or damaged during your dig.

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